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Expect higher standards with better outcomes.

As an IHSN member, you can expect the following from our network:

  • Stronger partnerships with managed care plans enhance our member’s ability to provide better care in a managed care environment

  • The potential to negotiate payment incentives and value-based contracts tied to quality incentives enhances ROI

  • Robust Quality Programs provide the ability to benchmark, measure, and improve overall quality performance

  • Opportunities to accept more referrals as a result of contracts with multiple health plans

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Discover how your organization can be a part of a network designed to support senior care services in Indiana.  Download and complete the membership application or contact us to learn more.

Members in the News

Joyce and Don Hoffman, both 90, were separated after Joyce contracted the coronavirus. In June they were reunited after Joyce recovered. The couple, who have been married for 67 years, say the separation was the longest they have ever been apart. Watch Weekend TODAY’s Peter Alexander with this Weekend Morning Boost.


IHSN contracts with Strategic Health Care for Network Management Services, which also includes:  Securing competitive contracts and creating strong payor relationships for IHSN Members, Credentialling, and a Robust Quality Program.

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